I accuse contemporary Christianity of duplicity!

The gap between Biblical promises about the New Covenant in Yeshua and life experiences of they who claim to be a children of God, sons of God, disciples of Yeshua, and blah-blah, leaves me breathless. No!!! What I perceive of my contemporary Christians and myself cannot be, ever, the testimony of a People composed of doubles of YHWH in Yeshua (Genesis 1:26, Luke 6:40). The testimony of the Christianity of our days is really far from being conformed to the promises of YHWH when it comes to the New Covenant.

Our predecessors must have not coveted what we are.

In fact, my Bible tells me in 1 Peter 1:10-11 that the prophets of the Old Covenant spiritually perceived the glory of the People of the New Covenant and did a lot of research on this Salvation. They wondered what a humanity that is no longer subject to the oppression of the Ego in order to be driven by the Spirit of YHWH would look like. They would have very much liked to be of this People made of doubles of Yeshua, which draws the covetousness of sinners and makes them abandon their egotistic covenants.

As well, in advance, they spoke of the gift of the Holy Spirit that we have supposedly received and which should give us all to do the same works, moreover even greater works than Yeshua. The authority of YHWH manifested in the one who is the carrier is not supposed to remain invisible and without effect, at least in his immediate entourage. The Light of YHWH in His contemporary sons is supposed to shine in front of the entire world. So the servants of Satan, because they are subject to the Ego, will clearly see that the sons of YHWH in Yeshua are exclusively the works inspired by the Holy Spirit. As consequence, the glory of YHWH will be sung on the earth. (Matthew 5:16)

The promise could not be accomplished before the Sacrifice of Yeshua.

The elders in the Old Covenant timely and occasionally received the Power of the Holy Spirit in them to perceive the effects of the promise of YHWH to Abraham and to announce in advance the sufferings that the Christ was going to have to bear so that the Creative Conscience, in light of the Kingdom of YHWH on earth, would no longer be a view of the Spirit, a fable, a doubtful reality, but an evidence on earth. Even Abraham rejoiced when he spiritually saw the People of the New Covenant.

“What an exciting and glorious project!”, thought the prophets who sought to understand when and how these things were going to happen. So do I. When will the People who submit the whole creation to YHWH be manifested? In His time, YHWH responded to the prophets of the Old Covenant, “It was revealed to them that their services [their prophecies regarding grace] were not [meant] for themselves and their time, BUT FOR YOU, in these things [the death, resurrection, and glorification of Jesus Christ] which have now been told to you by those who preached the gospel to you by the [power of the] Holy Spirit [who was] sent from heaven. Into these things even the angels long to look.” (1 Peter 1:12)

YHWH describes the New Covenant very clearly.

And I can already see bands of impostors who are rushing to claim to be of this promise without it seeming to be fulfilled. How do I know? Well, YHWH has planned the scenario of the seduction all azimuths that we know today and He has instructed His sons of what the New Covenant will be. Refer to Hebrews 8:8-13!

The Lord says, “Here come the days where He [YHWH] is going to establish a New Covenant with those of men who have consented to pay the price of their divorce from egotistic marriages in suffering, like Yeshua, for desiring with all their heart, all their mind and all their strength to resemble Yeshua, therefore to resemble YHWH Himself. This Covenant will have nothing in common with the Old Covenant that had been sealed by the mediation of Moses. Moreover, “The former have not been faithful to its Covenant in Moses. Then, He [YHWH] also abandoned them,” says the Lord.

The Lord says in a clear manner how we will recognize the New Covenant that He will establish with His sons that we pretend to be:

  1. “I will give them the Intelligence to know My will in order to accomplish it,
  2. I will write it [My will] in their spirits who will lead them in place of the Ego.
  3. I will be their God and they will be My People, a sanctified nation.
  4. No one will ever again have to teach anyone about his country or his brother.
  5. There will be no more need to say to a member of the Covenant, ‘Know the Lord!’ All will know Me, all, from the lowest to the greatest.
  6. I will forgive their sins and I will remember no more of their works inspired by the Ego.”

The New Covenant annuls the Old Covenant.

When YHWH speaks of the New Covenant, He makes old the previous one, which was characterized by man’s impotence to resist the pressures of the Ego in order to espouse the stature of YHWH in Yeshua, because the Holy Spirit had not yet been released to the benefit of anyone who really wants to become a child of YHWH. And as the former is meant to be old, it would have already disappeared had indeed the Contemporary Christians and I been members of the New Covenant.

Having realized the obvious imposture of us all, I often hear some of my interlocutors tell me that the People of the New Covenant is perhaps already present among the Papuans in New Guinea, the Aborigines of Australia, the native people of the Torres Strait, the Chamorros in the Northern Mariana Islands, the Bedouin in the Negev, the Giraavarus of the Maldives or among the pygmies in Cameroon. And I tell them that YHWH cannot turn on a lamp to hide it under a table, in an island or in a forest.

Let us cease playing magic tricks.

This is why, my friends, we must be ready for action! YHWH will soon make a grandiose thing in fulfilling His promise. The people of the New Covenant will soon be revealed to humanity. Let us remain attentive and sensitive to the trumpet of YHWH that is sounding louder and louder. Let us admit our imposture and put all our hope in the gift of the Holy Spirit who alone can give us to divorce the identification to appearance so that we truly become children of YHWH.

My friends, let us be worthy spouses of YHWH in Yeshua and let us cease following the egotistic desires that we obviously still have, our negative emotions, our emotional sufferings and our divisions. YHWH is calling us and He is holy; Let us become holy as well in all our conduct, which must only be Love. Let us honor YHWH by no longer embarrassing Him with our daily worthy of little devils in robes and cassocks, holding the Bible in our hands and reciting Bible verses that do not concern us as parrots. Our current lifestyles lead astray.

YHWH paid in Yeshua a very high price to free us from slavery of the Ego. Indeed, He did not do it with things that can damage, such as gold or money. But He freed us with the Precious Blood of Christ, who is like a flawless and stainless Lamb. How would we avoid the wrath of YHWH in neglecting such a great Salvation? To neglect such a great Salvation is to despise the Price paid on the Cross by Yeshua, to remain in the sham to harden ourselves and the whole of humanity in the hatred of the New Conscience of Love, because we pretend to those who are watching us that this Conscience is inaccessible to humans.

That is what I accuse us of. We are all impostors. It is time for us to repent!

Guy Olinga

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